Hello Digital Point Today im going to write a how to guide on making backlinks after Google's panda & penguin updates well lets get to it

Backlinks Before Google's Updates (a while ago)We could spam anywhere and everywhere almost without worry
we had a choice between white hat seo and black hat
and so on and so forth

Backlinks After Google's Updates (Current Time)

Google wants now only white hat seo no black hat what so ever I will explain what they want from everything I have read and gathered and spend money to find reading guide after guide after guide but this is what i know

White Hat SEO Blog Commenting - Blog comments are still effective but you need 100% Manuel and unique comments on PR 1-9 blogs IN A RELATED NICHE example your websites about "How to Drink a 24 Pack of Beer in 5 Min" you need to look for blogs that are related like "24 pack of beer" "drink beer" etc etc
but while leaving blog comments normally you would only want to leave your full keywords in your url or name area well this is still ok but now it needs to be less than 50% of your anchor text for example if your keywords is "Drink 24 Pack of Beer" this is fine to leave in your anchor just dont spam the same anchor text 500 times this is a waste of a blog comment and will decrease rankings what is acceptable is this "Drink 24 Pack of Beer" 50% of all your blog comments 30% should be "Drink beer" and 20% should be "Drink 24 pack" understand?

White Hat SEO Backlink Info - All your backlinks should not point to your main page 40% should be anchor texts pointing to your main index page and 30% should be mixed with your internal pages of your website and the other 20% should just be random any page on your site because this shows google that your website is not spammy and people actually want to look around your website, also bounce back rate is important to google as well it always has been but not as much as now do anything to keep visitors on your site make a video use audio or make amazing content that people want to read.

White Hat SEO Backlink Submissions -for example Article Submissions RSS Subs, Directory Subs, etc etc submissions are great for google there something that shows google you are letting people (mostly yourself) write blogs about your website with content related to your link so this is good especially on a high pr website the 3 things i am looking at now are RSS submissions Directory Submissions and article submissions these are all great for google

White Hat SEO CONSISTENCY IS KEY - Consistency is Key with google and making backlinks it dosnt hurt you to make backlinks by the thousands i knew someone who was making around 60k backlinks a week for an adult website and his rankings were skyrocketing but the only reason they were and google didn't ban him was because they were consistent every week he made around 60k backlinks this is a perfect example of being consistent

White Hat SEO onPage Content - ​On page content is important as well just dont over do it, Absolutely No duplicate content, make sure your keywords is in page title and meta description as we all know this put keywords at most 20 time on your site its good to put them in the first 50-100 words put them in the <h1> tag and the image alt's as well as the image name/description, permalinks do help make them do them match them to your keywords what ever you have to, also articles you need articles on your site explaining what your websites about or what you sell around 400-600 words and a keyword density of 2-5%, also put keyword in bold text <b> or <strong>, having external links to different pages in your site helps some as well.

White Hat SEO . - i know i have been using the word white hat seo alot but thats what google wants and that what make sales and traffic

Social Bookmarking Believe it - ​Google is thinking about for future updates to judge ranking on social bookmarks and how much likes / follows and how ever many people are talking about your website they use this for different reasons as like trust how many people like your website and your content on post on that social bookmarking website

Video submissions image submissions - these are a big plus in seo people see that you have lots of views and likes for your video there going to get what there looking for and also with images they want to see what you have and are doing either with your website or the image what it looks like or the video what its talking about

but its not the end of the world you dont feel like messing around with google thats fine because bing & yahoo are way behind they still rank you on black hat seo keep that in mind

also fiverr is a were good place to get links to your site they help and there great pm me if you want some usfull links on fiverr have some good one with all great reviews