Saturday, 27 October 2012

How are you get lot of likes for your facebook page with Keeko ?

 How are you get lot of likes for your facebook page with Keeko ?

How does keeko work?

Hi Everyone! Lots of us, including me, at first, don't know what is keeko and HOW DOES KEEKO WORK. In this tutorial that I've made, you will be guided in the simplest form on how does keeko work.

I've personally made walkthrough or the tutorial for the keeko. A brief introduction about KEEKO, A point system site where you can gain points by liking,following another content from other members. Basically, for intance,  if you want to Get Twitter Followers for Free, all you need to do is to signup on keeko. Once you're done signing up, you need first to follow, or like (applicable if you have facebook account) other member's facebook fan page, or twitter profile. Once you gain points, 10 is good, you can now post your own twitter account. You can set how many points you want to give on your own twitter account. For example, you already have 10 points and you want to add 5 followers, you can set your twitter account for 5. You need to wait for other members to follow you. Once the 5 followers are obtained, your account automatically disappear on the list. You need to post it again and set point. Same thing if you want to have Get  Facebook Fans for Free on your facebook fan page. The more you have points, the more likes and followers you will get. It is very useful particularly if you want to boost your marketing strategy online. All of us of course wanted to see our twitter account having a huge number of followers, or our facebook fan page having thousands of likes. It will bring more credibilty and the other user that will visit your profile may get intrigue and convert into potential customer. Thank you and hope you enjoy my tutorial.

Keeko team decided to temporarily removed the "facebook likes" feature for enhancement purposes. Don't worry since you can still get followers on twitter.
Got blog and sites about social media? Well, we are giving 500 points if you can link back to our site. The criteria and mechanics is that you are able to get a review about the site KEEKO and insert a link inside the post. You can also choose 5000 youtube views.

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Anyways you can also visit if you like design and photography. This is a link to

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