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7 Days To Success Plan... [Guide] DAY 1

Day 1: The Setup (You Must Complete This Step Before Moving Onto The Next Sections)

Firstly I would like to thank you for signing up as an affiliate, we have done everything possible to make sure this product converts (and it does).
Now we want to walk you through a 7 day course that will take you from Clickbank noob to fully fledged affiliate marketer in no time.

Trust me affiliate marketing CAN change your life but with all the conflicting information out there it can also be a very daunting, confusing and expensive time trying to figure out for yourself what methods actually work.

That's precisely why we put together this course because it cuts to the chase, holds you by the hand and takes you step by step through the things that actually WILL make you money and can be implemented  by ANYONE no matter what your experience or technical ability!

If you follow our 7 day plan to the letter I can assure you that by the end of it you WILL be making sales with Dr Drum and on the way to making a significant consistent income online.
We have put this guide together assuming you know nothing about internet marketing so for some that already know certain parts feel free to skip ahead.... For everyone else...

Lets get started!!

Step 1: Choosing A Domain Name

So the very first thing we need to do before we start making some money is to get ourselves a domain

Ok so you don't actually HAVE to get a domain but it means things are a WHOLE lot easier if you do get one and
for less than $10 I think its a wise investment.

For the methods I am going to teach you the domain name is not critical but it must have a general 'beat making' feel to it, obviously some of the names you will think of will already be taken but a lot will not.

If you are running short of ideas you can use the Google external keyword tool HERE, add a few keywords and it will give you a whole bunch of relevant phrases which you could use as your domain name (see Image below).


Once you have a few ideas for your domain name we are going to head over to Godaddy and start checking to see they are available.
What you will want to do is start typing the names you have come up with into the box and see if they are available for instance:

You want to try and get a .com extension if possible but a .net or .org is still fine if they are the only ones left.

Once you have picked one that is available you will want to pay for it and save your Godaddy login details as you will need those later.

Step 2: Getting Your Hosting

Now you have your domain name you will need some hosting as well

If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing then the 'Hatchling Plan' HERE  (see image below) will be fine for the methods I'm going to teach you.

Its easy to setup and you can also expand to a larger plan at a later date as your affiliate promotion grows.

When you are purchasing your hosting make sure that in 'Step 1' you  click on 'Use an Existing domain name' (see image below) and enter the one your purchased from Godaddy in the previous step.


Step 3: Setting Up Your Hosting And Domain Name

Now we are ready to set up our domain name and hosting.

What we are going to do is set it all up so that when someone visits your domain they are then automatically redirected to your Clickbank hoplink.

This is all fairly simple as long as you follow the steps below to the letter

1. First you will need to get the 'nameservers' that Hostgator gave to you when you signed up for your hosting, they will be something like NS16.HOSTGATOR.COM and NS17.HOSTGATOR.COM

2. You then need to login to your Godaddy account and click on the 'Domain Management' menu (see image below).

3. This will take you to a list of your domains, you need to click on the one your purchased earlier and this will take you to an admin section where you can input certain settings.

4. You now need to click on the 'Set NameServers' tab.

5. Then click on ' I have specific nameservers for my domains' now enter the 2 nameservers that were given to you by hostgator in the 'Nameserver 1' and  'Nameserver 2' boxes and click ok, your domain and hosting is now set up.

Step 4: Forwarding Your Domain To Your Dr Drum Clickbank Affiliate Link

1. The first thing you need to do is get your Clickbank affiliate link for the Dr Drum software.

This is the link (you just need to replace the xxxx with your Clickbank I.D so yours will look something like this:

2. Now we want to login to your 'cpanel' with the login details that Hostgator will have give you in your welcome email and you will see something like this.


3. Click on Domains - Redirects as in the picture below.

4. select your domain from the list and then enter your Clickbank hoplink into the 'Redirects to' section and click 'ADD'

That's it, your domain will now be redirecting to your Clickbank affiliate link (may take up to 48 hours to start working) which means you can now use a nice short relevant domain to promote with using the next methods I am going to teach you shortly.

Remember you need to TAKE ACTION, if you do nothing today then nothing is going to happen tomorrow BUT if you do take action then you have the ability to change EVERYTHING.... Its all in your hands.

Stay tuned for the next email when I am going to teach you the first FREE method that you can use to start promoting Dr Drum and making money into your Clickbank account.
If you need anything please don't hesitate to contact me at

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