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7 Days To Success Plan... [Guide] DAY 2

Day 2: YouTube - Preparing Your Videos

YouTube is by far the best and easiest way to promote this type of product. Hordes of musicians of all levels are browsing YouTube daily searching for information, tutorials, and most importantly for us new tools and products. Show those guys what they want to see and the sales are guaranteed to come.

As easy as it sounds this is a tested and proven method, and works just great.

We are going to upload videos and use our redirected domain name that we just bought yesterday as a clickable link.
We will put this link in visible places so everyone seeing your video can't miss it and when they click on it and purchase you will be earning easy commissions.
Remember, you don't have to sell anything with this method, our site makes sure that the visitors you're sending to us are converted to buyers, all you have to do is drive the traffic.

Although we are going to teach you the methods step by step the things that we can't teach you are dedication and consistency which happens to play a huge role in success.

YouTube videos of this kind convert extremely well, all you have to do is take some time every day to repeat the process and you're on your way to make a nice passive income for a long time to come.

Now assuming you're happy its time to start with the process itself., on day 2 it's all about preparing everything required for uploading. It's always better and more productive if you divide the tasks in several smaller ones to achieve the final goal.

Step 1 - Getting The Content

The videos that you upload will make a huge difference in conversions. For instance a simple slide show won't earn you as much as a professional Dr Drum tutorial. And although slideshows will work you will need a lot more of them to convert the same amount of sales as a professional one.

There are many options to get your videos for YouTube, we'll cover the best ones to get you started.

Option 1: Official Videos

There are plenty of videos added on a regular basis in the affiliate area on Dr. Drum's website.

You can head over to and click on the 'Videos' section, save those videos onto your hard drive for uploading.
If you are using this option then you will have to make sure to slightly edit them to avoid duplicate content, and we'll talk about how to do that later. Create a folder where you'll put all the material you'll be using.
Keep everything organized from the beginning to avoid unnecessary problems during the work and for later reference.

Option 2: Create Your Own Videos

This is the hardest, but most effective method. If you posses the skills and passion for music production this could be the perfect option for you.

People like to see what can be done with the software, and if you can show them then you have their trust and are more likely to buy it via your affiliate link instead of someone else's.
Talk about the features, show yourself making a few beats with it, anything as long as people are recognizing it as legit and honest reflection of the software.

Option 3: Outsource

The internet is huge, and there are tons of people ready to do the job for you.

If you have some funds to invest, you might want to get really high quality videos that are sure to convert for a long time.
You can find very quality people on freelance sites like or for pretty fair prices.
Tons of freelance musicians are there ready for work.
Another good source are forums, many young producers hang out there who enjoy making music and would like to make some $$$ for a few beats.

Step 2 - Creating Your YouTube Channel

Next we have to create a YouTube channel where we'll upload our videos.

Go to and click on the "Create Account" button.


On the next step you'll have to fill in the basic details .

Now we want to create the channel. Refer to the pictures and follow the steps.

It's always advisable to give your profile a "human touch". Add an avatar, write something about yourself, subscribe to someone else's channel, like videos, etc.. Anything that proves you're human and not software that made the account.

The more you take care of your account the higher the conversions will be more savvy internet users (and musicians on YouTube generally are) know how to recognize faking.
You can personalize your account under the "Settings" tab.


Step 3 - Editing The Videos (optional)

If you are going to use original and unique videos for uploading you can skip this step but for those who will upload the official videos, bear in mind that these are already online, uploading them again will result in duplicate content and will be rejected by YouTube.

There is a way to avoid that and still keep the video the same in the eyes on humans. The best way to edit them is with software like Camtasia, if you have access to one. You are able to edit anything with it.

If you don't have it, that's fine. There are plenty of free video editing programs out there, which will do the kind of job we need just as fine.

All you need to do is add a transparent image over entire video and save it, It will not be seen by humans, and will change how video is recorded.

Even better idea is to add a watermark with your domain name which will be seen throughout the video then if anyone copies your video will have a hard time to remove the watermark, and if they are going to share it, your domain name will appear across the internet bringing more customers to your link.

Another good thing to do if your editing software has the ability is to change the audio slightly.

A small alteration such as changing the volume by 1db or pitch will make your audio file unique in the eyes of YouTube system.
Adding an intro image can also help you in overall click through rate, since you can add the thumbnail image when you upload the video.

By creating your own videos you will avoid this step, and also hugely increase conversion rate, hence making more money but many people just starting don't have a budget to invest, and not many people can make music especially that will convert into sales that's why we added these videos they are professionally produced and will help you make your first sales.

Step 4 - Adding And Writing Titles, Descriptions And Tags For Your Videos

Before the actual uploading, it's a good idea to have your titles, descriptions and tags written in advance.

Considering we'll be putting a good amount of videos online, making up the tags every time can be pretty daunting. If you have them ready it's a simple copy and paste.


Titles are something that will catch a potential visitor's eye when your video is listed among many similar others.

You need a title that is closely related with the keyword you target and at the same time more appealing than others.
Now it might sound complicated, but all you have to do really is to follow the common sense, don't be spammy and you'll be fine.
Check how others are writing there's, type some keywords related to yours into the YouTube search bar and write down the titles of the results you'd be likely to click among them if you're the user in search mode.

Now create a list of titles you're going to be using, the more you have the better it will be, don't make duplicate titles for your videos, don't make them too long and don't put just your keyword as a title.

Titles need to be appealing for a person searching YouTube to click on!


Description is a very important part of your video.

This is one more thing you need to give yourself some time with to make them all right.

Don't be lazy with writing description, it's the only creative part you'll have to do with YouTube promotion, it can also make the difference between 1 and 10 sales on every 100 clicks you send.

Important: Make sure you have your redirected domain name from day 1 at the beginning of every description!

Many people don't even read the whole description, for those in a hurry we want them to see the actual clickable link before anything else.

Do not hide your link so that people have to expand the description to see it you will lose many sales like that for sure.

The link that you'll be putting in the description field should be in this exact format:

Anything other than that, like


and most certainly

<a href <Anchor Text>

will result in non clickable link, and will decrease conversions. You must put http:// at the beginning of every clickable link without anchor text available.


Tags are nothing but a bunch of keywords describing your video, check out other videos that are ranking well in the YouTube search and see what tags thet are using, make them relevant, but not spammy.

This should keep you occupied enough for today, tomorrow we are going to start uploading the videos that we prepared which will be much easier and faster once we have all these tasks done.

The more you prepare today the more videos can you upload tomorrow and ultimately the more money you will make.
Don't put this off get started right away!

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