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Pay-Per-Download [Guide] a Better way for online money making

What is FileIce?
As a next generation upload site, Fileice have taken the PPD industry to a whole new level. Boasting not only one of the highest payout rates around, their site also features some of the most high tech and unique tools to help you earn cash today, packaged with a high quality and fast support system with professional administrators. Powered by the latest technology in HTML5 and jQuery, their site provides you a feature loaded, smooth interface to work in, and to deliver your users an end product that is both professional and high converting.
Fileice is currently at a Beta Stage therefore not everyone is accepted into their Program.
What you have To Do to get Accepted to FileIce?
You should get the Beta Application Form. To get accepted, you simply need to submit an honest application. So to start, put your name & email. Always use REAL information.
Next one is "Your affiliate marketing experience". This is about your experience with websites similar to Fileice. Sites like, ShareCash. You might have used ShareCash before? State it here. If you have no experience with affiliate marketing, just say it.
Next one is "Your marketing methods". This is the method you use to earn money. If you have no experience with it, obviously you have no method. Well, you might soon use the my methods after reading my tutorial, so say you will use the Following Methods method.
"Monthly marketing income ($US)" is how much you make monthly in marketing. No explanation needed.
The website one is optional. If you have a website that you can use or you already use for affiliate marketing, simply put it here.
Finally, click on the submit button. You will need to wait for acceptance or denial email. This can take up to 48 hours. When you receive the acceptance email, provide the information they will ask you. After that, you are done.
If you ever got denied, simply make an account at ShareCash . I highly suggest you to use Fileice if you still have not applied for a Beta account as their pay rate is much bigger.
Now this is the “fun Part” of the whole eBook where you can start monetizing by using my most successful methods.
Note: Most of these methods are well known and proven to work however people don’t know how to make the maximum of it.
Method 1: YouTube
This method is probably the most common however here are the ways you can take profit of it.
i – Fake Generators
ii – Upcoming Movies
iii – Strip tease Video (Not Recommended with FileIce)
i – Fake Generators
1. So to get started find a video of a gameplay.
2. Then download the video you may use this website to download videos from almost any site:
3. Open Windows Live Movie Maker (It should be already installed in your computer)
4. Add your Download Link (FileIce/Sharecash) as “Description Text” and add it to the video.
5. Upload it To YouTube and add your Download Link (FileIce/Sharecash) in the description box.
6. (Optional) You may use sites like to boost views and add likes or comments to your videos.
ii – Upcoming Movies
1. Find any Upcoming Movie.
2. Find the trailer of that movie and download it.
3. Open Windows Live Movie Maker (It should be already installed in your computer)
4. As “Description Text” type something like “Check Description For Download”.
5. Upload it To YouTube and in the description box type:
Download Full Movie at (Insert Your Link Here)
Add your Download Link (FileIce/Sharecash) in the description box.
6. (Optional) You may use sites like to boost views and add likes or comments to your videos.
iii – Strip tease Video (Not Recommended with FileIce)
1. Find a strip tease video where the girl gets naked.
2. Then download using:
3. Open Windows Live Movie Maker (It should be already installed in your computer) and cut the video to the part where it is obvious that the girl is going to get naked.
4. Add your Download Link (FileIce/Sharecash) as “Description Text” and add it to the video.
5. Upload it To YouTube and add your Download Link (FileIce/Sharecash) in the description box.
6. (Optional) Use and boost views, add likes and comments
Method 2: Forums
1. Find download forums to dump your fake content in there
2. Register on that forum.
3. Search for popular threads example Thread: [HOT] PICTURE PACK.
4. Use the same post layout as the thread you found and add a download link.
You can use your fake YouTube videos too and add a download link in the post.
5. Add a sexy Title to the Thread example: [Hot] Monica Picture Pack Naughtiest photos
Method 3: Social Websites (Facebook,Orkut,Myspace etc…)
1. Sign up to as many social websites as you want and create a profile.
2. Send friend invitations and get around 200-500 friends the amount of time may vary( you can also buy this accounts with friend on them from
3. Target The traffic you would like to get so add people from UK, CA or USA
4. Add a picture of a girl and Update status.
5. As soon as you get some friends you can start posting status updates saying for example:
Download my Private Pictures at: (INSERT YOUR DOWNLOAD LINK HERE)
6. You can also Spam Facebook Pages adding your download link to all the pages related to your niche.
7. Update your profile daily and keep on adding more US and UK friends.
Method 4: Comics
Online Comics are very popular on the web. A few people use PPD sites to upload them therefore what you can do is:
1. Go to: and download a few comments
2. Create a blogger and create “New entries” about these comics you downloaded and add a download link to your post.
3. To get traffic you can use Digg or
4. For go to the comic section and add a front cover of the comic you downloaded.
5. Add a small description and a download link to get people commenting and downloading it. is the best way to get people to download comics therefore this is highly suggested
Method 5: Widgets
This is my biggest money maker by far, and it’s actually pretty easy to set up. The only reason that this is the most advanced method is because it requires a few things such as website, hosting and some experience in creating a website and making it look decent.
If you can make this method happen you will see a huge amount of downloads.
1. Find a Upcoming Trend Videogame example: Battlefield 3
2. Download This CPA Gaming Layout that I have uploaded for you:
Name: CPA Niche Layout.rar
Password: setkodom
3. Edit the HTML files changing pictures and names and adding your
“upcoming trend videogame” images and name.
4. Find a hosting and a domain provider (you can use free domain providers such as or )
5. Upload your HTML files to your hosting
6. Spam your new niche to Facebook gaming pages or forums.
Method 6: The Lazy Bot
1. Find a Manual Traffic Exchange
2. Register on a Few of them
3. Make a Quick blogger
4. Delete everything in the blogger page except from post content and title
5. Upload a large picture or any small program that is about 1 to 2 mb and name it "Traffic Exchange Bot."
6. Make the title large and the body easy to read.
7. Write that this bot will work on the page you are currently using for manual traffic.
8. Add a download link.
9. Add your Blogger niche to the Manual traffic exchange site
Note: Always make sure you upload it in a .rar compressed folder as it will make it more legit
Note 2: Carry on that site doing manual traffic exchange to get more credits.
Method 7: Exploiting Actuality
Ok, first of all I would like to state that I HATE THIS METHOD as it is actually pretty mean and also is a lack of respect to the people involved. I do not use it but I have tried it nd works better than many other methods.
1. This method is basically about exploiting actuality example: Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs etc..
2. You will be tricking people to download something about them.
3. Find a Dramatic Picture of (The person Involved)
4. Add his life time to the picture example (1955-2011)
5. Create a blogger and add something that will grab people’s attention example: “How Steve Jobs Really Died Unseen Footage” or “Michael Jackson and the mafia behind.”
6. Post your new blogger Niche to Digg and reddit.
Now Again I think making money from people’s death is just heartless and cruel.
But is up to you.
Method8: Dedicate your blog to it
This is quite an advance method as it involves SEO and I will not go into too much detail. People love getting free stuff. Therefore if you have some money to invest:
1. Buy a domain
2. Buy a hosting
3. Create a wordpress
4. Upload some SEO plugins
5. Start posting your free stuff entries example: Free eBooks, How to get …. Free, etc.. Something that you will be interested in, is something that someone out there could be looking for.
Note: Do not spam your domain too much as you will be punished by Google and sent to Google’s sandbox this means that your website will no longer show in Google search

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